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Our Journey. Our Stories.

The idea behind One Sojourner is simple: Storytelling.

My stories, your stories, our stories. Unlike our lives, stories are not chained by time. They deserve to be told, retold, and preserved.

Like the front porch, kitchen or dinner table, fireplaces in our homes, or corner barber shop or bar in our towns, One Sojourner is a community to share the stories of our lives.

Articles, podcasts, boards, chats, or podcasts...the medium varies. Yet, in the end, it's all storytelling.

Stories matter.

Our individual and collective stories are the living and breathing reflections of us, who we were and are, as well as who we want to be. They are food for thought, reflection, and learning. Stories are inspirational fuel. Our stories are generational fire gifted from one to the next. Yet, as the baton transitions from one wrinkled, weathered hand to youth's strength and vigor, our torch remains lit only if there are courageous tellers of tales to give sound to their own experiences and voices to the unheard or unremembered.

Community matters.

Limitless options and opportunities exist on how and where we choose to spend our time. Internet-based media consumption is no different.

eMedia over-consumption can be problematic as a continual source of noise, distraction, and time-waster. Planting our faces and focus devices without balance may gift the illusion of real connections and relationships. Yet, it quicksands us into our own individual, isolated world. We can become lonely, sick and disconnected.

One Sojourner seeks to harness the power of today’s communications platforms to connect to and with people in a positive and fulfilling manner in order to foster, understanding, knowledge, growth and service.

Community is the antidote to the disease of disconnect.

Connect in meaningful ways through the sharing of stories, ideas, and thoughts that translate into self-understanding and improvement, understanding others, and developing more meaningful relationships in our very real world.

Share Globally. Act, Serve Locally.

One Sojourner is a community dedicated to investing in ourselves and in the lives of others. As we accomplish our mission, we are equipped to live more fully and serve more intently in our local communities and strengthen the relationships that matter most: Our families, friends, and neighbors.

Join the Journey

Life explored with lessons learned and laughs along the way is our journey. If you choose to join us, I hope you find the same….and more.

From one sojourner to another on the many roads we travel, I wish you all the best.

Many, many miles stand between here and somewhere.

You matter.

All of us experience challenges in key areas of our lives. Whether at work or home, personal or interpersonal, life deals us seasons of struggle as well as triumph.Your voice, ideas, opinions, experiences, health, challenges and decisions matter.

Of course, all of these matter for you and your loved ones. However, they matter in how you can use them to help others.

On this big orb we all call home, the fact is there are others in seasons of struggle, challenged with the same or similar situations you’ve fought through.
In all its diversity, our hopes, challenges, and victories have similarities and sameness. It’s a part of being human. Where there is similarity of experience in the face of a challenge, there is also hope and an opportunity to help.

At One Sojourner, you can help by engaging and sharing your experiences. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point. You have the opportunity to lend one, or alternately, to have one extended to you in the form of sharing experiences.


If I Could Tell Stories: A Simple Remembrance

Shadows bend, contort against the jagged and mottled canvas painted by the dying young spring sun. Shifting, changing with every stroke or violent shake of the Old Master’s brush. Grays deepen, dividing the browns. A new shade is reborn, the light’s momentary plaything.

I turn away, close my eyes, and exhale a deep sigh that silences all life, save the wind. No, not the wind, whose whispers echo each day’s footfalls and haunt me in the small hours. The unsleeping intruder roams and chases without end.

The journey is long and I am tired.

In Memoriam

Steven Randall Hess

November 25, 1948 – December 5, 2016

If I could tell stories we could share…

Credits: Creative Commons License (CC0) images via Pixabay with modifications by the author.